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World Rankings Update September 2013

The Co-operative Funeralcare progress six places up the table following their excellent result in British Open in Birmingham. Land 'O' Burns and thier most recent victory winning the Dr Martin Wainstones Cup.

These results take us back into the worlds top ten bands again.

Top 10 bands in the World

1. Cory
2. Tredegar
3. Foden's
4. Black Dyke
5. Brighouse and Rastrick
6. Fairey
7. Co-operative Funeralcare
8. Leyland
9. Eikanger-Bjørsvik
10. Grimethorpe Colliery

Other contests taking place since the last update were:

New Zealand Band of the Year - won by Wellington Brass;
Whiston Festival of Brass - won by Strata Brass;
Battle of the Bands - won by Rolls Royce Derby;
Welsh National Eisteddfod - won by Deiniolen;
Land O' Burns - won by Co-operative Funeralcare Band;
Dr. Martin Wainstones Cup - won by Co-operative Funeralcare Band;
Hardraw Scar - won by Hade Edge;
Dronfield Contest - won by Shirebrook Miners Welfare;
Exmouth Festival of Brass - won by Roche Brass;
Welsh Miners Welfare - won by Parc and Dare.

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